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South View is located in a peaceful and quiet area, and is just just a short drive to the ABC Highway, the popular Sheraton Shopping Mall,Oistins, South Coast, Banks, supermarkets and many other amenities. Some of these lots offer beautiful ocean views.The development roads are completed, curbs installed and there is a beautiful tree planted […]

Lot 12 Atlantic Park $USD 65,657.00

Lot 12 Atlantic Park

$USD 65,657.00

An amazing offer! Thisresidential lot is situated quite near the Belair Pines Development and the BelairBeach. Belair Pines Development is situated between the well known Crane Residential Resort/Crane Beach and Sam Lord’s Castle and still relatively close to the Grantley Adams International Airport. BDS$130,000.00

Pegwell Boggs (2nd lot) $USD 165,980.00

Pegwell Boggs (2nd lot)

$USD 165,980.00

Invest today! Just over20,000 square feet of land, this strip starts off at road level and thenelevated towards the back. The lot is located only minutes away from the Oistins town with its many amenities and its entertainment activities. Also, near to the Oistins beach, Miami beach yet only a few minutes drive to the […]

Pegwell Boggs (1st lot) $USD 109,051.00

Pegwell Boggs (1st lot)

$USD 109,051.00

Invest today! Just over10,000 square feet of land, this strip starts off at road level and thenelevated towards the back. The lot is located only minutes away from the Oistins town with its many amenities and its entertainment activities. Also near to the Oistins beach, Miami Beach yet only a few minutes drive to the […]

Thickets Plantation $USD 757,576.00

Thickets Plantation

$USD 757,576.00

3.5 acres of landsituated near to the hills of Mount Pleasant, St.Philip. Lovely ridge lot with panoramic view.BDS$ 1,500,000.00

6.234 acres agricultural land with serviceable electric water pump Property and outbuildings Enclosed warehouse 100ft x 40ft, concrete block, galvanise roof internal partitions, 110 & 220 volt outlets, water, lights, four toilets and two showers. One large bird pen approx. 7000 sq.ft , marl base, with galvanise roof and sides, multiple water outlets, 110 v […]

University Hill $USD 2,272,728.00

University Hill

$USD 2,272,728.00

University Hill, Black Rock, St. Michael 1.5 acres of land with highway frontage, this land is ideal for any type of commercial activity as it is located near to many Banks, amenities, many hotels and only a few minutes to Bridgetown. Great commercial potential!Price: $5.25 million o.n.o

Lion Castle $USD 1,010,102.00

Lion Castle

$USD 1,010,102.00

Thickets Plantation $USD 5,050,506.00

Thickets Plantation

$USD 5,050,506.00

500 plus acres located in Thickets, St.Philip No water wells, but there is a stream that flows into the Three Houses stream No buildings or warehouses Composes of Zones 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, only a small area in Zone 1 Acreage currently leased/rented BDS$10,000,000.00

Searles Commercial $USD 378,788.00

Searles Commercial

$USD 378,788.00

Ideal location for Light industrial operations. This lot is just over one acre,is relatively flat and square in shape.The lotis surrounded by other Commercial Properties. Great location – Invest today! BDS$750,000.00

Mount Pleasant Lots $USD 353,536.00

Mount Pleasant Lots

$USD 353,536.00

Six lots available under the brow of Mount Pleasant Size: Each lot is approximately 2 1/2 acres(120,000 sq.ft) Price: BDS$700,000.00 each.

Lot 34 Fort George Heights $USD 252,526.00

Lot 34 Fort George Heights

$USD 252,526.00

Located in the last phase of the well desired development of Fort George Heights, this lot could be yours – make it happen for $500,000.00.

Lot 49 Fort George Heights $USD 164,142.00

Lot 49 Fort George Heights

$USD 164,142.00

Ideal location for your new home. BDS$325,000.00

Lot 60 Fort George Heights $USD 201,011.00

Lot 60 Fort George Heights

$USD 201,011.00

This prime residential lot is situated in the last phase of the prestigious Fort George Heights Development. Set at the end of the Ocean Drive Avenue, the lot is relatively flat but slopes slightly towards the back. Fort George Heights has commanding views, is centrally located, near to Wildey, yet not far away from the […]

This piece of land is located ion Lashley’s Land. Large lot situated in a tranquil setting near Green Point Development. BDS$350,000.00

Lot 37 Atlantic Shores $USD 164,142.00

Lot 37 Atlantic Shores

$USD 164,142.00

Level lot located in the developed Atlantic Shores residential development. BDS$325,000.00

Gibbons Terrace $USD 161,617.00

Gibbons Terrace

$USD 161,617.00

Situated on the higher side of Gibbons Development, over 13,000 square feet of land, this charming setting can be an ideal location for your dream home. This corner lot captures views of the development and the countryside. Available today for $320,000.00 BDS

Long Bay $USD 159,402.00

Long Bay

$USD 159,402.00

Mount Pleasant $USD 151,516.00

Mount Pleasant

$USD 151,516.00

Rowans Lots $USD 136,364.00

Rowans Lots

$USD 136,364.00

3 Lots remaining in a quite peaceful residential development in Rowans Park, St.George. Lots are located in a peaceful development. Each lot is 11,155 sq.ft. BDS$270,000.00

Belair Pines $USD 156,566.00

Belair Pines

$USD 156,566.00


Rolling Hill, St. George, Barbados

13 Ragged Point $USD 111,983.00

13 Ragged Point

$USD 111,983.00


Johnsons Land $USD 111,112.00

Johnsons Land

$USD 111,112.00


23 Cobblers Reef Avenue $USD 101,011.00

23 Cobblers Reef Avenue

$USD 101,011.00

Relatively flat lot located in the quiet and peaceful Ragged Point Development BDS$200,000.00

Johnsons Land $USD 101,011.00

Johnsons Land

$USD 101,011.00


40 Deebles Point Avenue $USD 97,089.00

40 Deebles Point Avenue

$USD 97,089.00

This 8,000 plus square foot lot is situated a a quiet and peaceful development near to the East Point Light House. This lot is being sold at BDS$22.00 per square foot. BDS $192,236.00

Sandford $USD 303,031.00


$USD 303,031.00


Ruby Park $USD 93,273.00

Ruby Park

$USD 93,273.00


#7 Frenches Gardens $USD 85,859.00

#7 Frenches Gardens

$USD 85,859.00

This lot is set in the Frenches Gardens Development just before Drax Hall and The Rolling Hills Development. Panoramic country side views over to the G A I Airport, this lot is slightly elevated making easier to fit a split-level house. BDS$170,000.00  

Windward Gardens $USD 73,232.32

Windward Gardens

$USD 73,232.32

Make this your lot today BDS $181,264.00, Now reduced toBDS $142,000.00.

St. Martins Terrace $USD 80,809.00

St. Martins Terrace

$USD 80,809.00

Located in a development near the St. Martins Church, this prime lot is ideal for your new home. Near to the Kirtons and Crane areas, yet only a few minutes from the airport. BDS$180,000.00 REDUCED BDS$160,000.00

Green Vale Close, Abbey Gardens, The Abbey, Christ Church is a small development just off of Enterprise Main road.  This development consists of 10 lots of which only 3 lots remain. Quiet and  breezy location, this development is near to the Oistins town where the Oistins Gardens  is and the popular Oistins Fish Fry, Fish […]

Long Bay $USD 60,607.00

Long Bay

$USD 60,607.00

Approximately 5,631 square feet of land in a development just off the Long Bay main road. BDS$120,000.00

Well House Bay $USD 50,506.00

Well House Bay

$USD 50,506.00

Located in a development near the old Harry Smith Plantation house, this relatively flat lot is in a cul-de-sac. Near to the beach, within walking distance to public transport, near to a few amenities. Only a few minutes to the Six Roads area with its many amenities and the well-used ’round-about’, making it an easy […]

Fortescue $USD 58,081.00


$USD 58,081.00

Located in a large residential development in St. Philip,Peaceful setting, very breezy with many panoramic views of the island and of the Atlantic Ocean. Elevated Lot! Just over8,000 square feet of land, thiscan be yours today.Call today for a viewing. BDS $147,000.00

This 6,340 sq.ft. lot is approx 2 mins away from the to the Grantley Adams International Airport and approx 8 mins minutes drive to the populart Six Roads area with all its amenities such as Supermarkets, Banks,School and much more, this lots is suitable for any house of your choice; bungalow, 2-storied or even a […]

This lot is relatively flat and is situated in a cul-de-sac in a small residential development 3 minutes away from the Grantley Adams International Airport and adjoining to The Villages at Coverley. This development overlooks the highway. BDS$160,000.00 ono

Enterprise $USD 70,708.00


$USD 70,708.00

This corner lot consists of 6,501 square feet of land and is situated on Pillersdorf Drive in this development just off the Enterprise main road. Near to public transport and five minutes away from the Miami beach and the popular Oistins. Ideallocation for a family home an apartment Block for both short and longterm rentals. […]

Lot 3 Pilgrim Place $USD 146,465.00

Lot 3 Pilgrim Place

$USD 146,465.00


Residential development in Kent, Christ Church. Little Kent is a  residential subdivision situated near The Fort George Heights, The Parks at South View, South Ridge, The Gymnasium, and similar upscale residential developments. just off the Errol Barrow Highway, this makes the access to the Wildey area, The Sheraton Shopping Mall or to the St Davids […]


$USD 50,578.00
$USD 55,952.00
$USD 107,223.00
$USD 47,343.00
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$USD 102,203.00
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, $USD 75,795.50
$USD 61,617.00
$USD 65,657.00

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