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Lots 2 & 3 The Belle $USD 316,057.00

Lots 2 & 3 The Belle

$USD 316,057.00

Lots 2 and 3 The Belle, St. Michael Great commercial potential Lot #2: 21,832 square feet – BDS $626,790.00 Lot #3: 20,027 square feet – BDS $574,000.00 https://www.google.com/maps/place/13%C2%B007’48.7%22N+59%C2%B034’49.8%22W/@13.130204,-59.5810432,210m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x15a70e559105a6b6!7e2!8m2!3d13.1302039!4d-59.5804964  

Perry Gap $USD 707,071.00

Perry Gap

$USD 707,071.00

COMMERCIAL POTENTIAL St. Clair Gardens, Perry Gap, St. Michael This property is centrally located and ideal for all professional offices. Just off Roebuck Street, there are other specialist in the area; Doctors, Dentist, Architects and Attorneys, this property is also ideal for daycare, nursing home and assist living or a private school. This commercial property […]

2700 sq ft 5 beds 3 baths

Ealing Grove Acreage $USD 606,060.61

Ealing Grove Acreage

$USD 606,060.61

Acreage for sale Barbados

2 plus acres available in Charnocks. This land can be used to agricultural purposes and is tucked away behind the Coverley Villages. BDS$400,000.00 O.N.O

Kingston, Welches $USD 959,596.00

Kingston, Welches

$USD 959,596.00

1.73 acres of land with an old dilapidated house in the middle of the lot. This large lot is located just off Highway 4 towards My LordsHill and has a marl road entrance between private residences. The property can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. This lot is ideal for apartments, schools, professional […]

INDUSTRIAL LAND AT RIDGE PLANTATION, CHRIST CHURCH FOUR (4) acres approved for industrial commercial purposes. Property inclusive of a 10,000 square feet cement slab. Adjacent to the new roundabout. BDS $1,800,000.00 (reduced from $2,500,000.00)

Exchange Plantation $USD 3,282,829.00

Exchange Plantation

$USD 3,282,829.00

Exchange Plantation is situated near the JACK-IN-THE-BOX gully and the famous Bibby’s Lane. This dilapidated plantation house with its spectacular views and its cool country breezes is on 94 acres of land and has four(4) out buildings.

6.234 acres agricultural land with serviceable electric water pump Property and outbuildings Enclosed warehouse 100ft x 40ft, concrete block, galvanise roof internal partitions, 110 & 220 volt outlets, water, lights, four toilets and two showers. One large bird pen approx. 7000 sq.ft , marl base, with galvanise roof and sides, multiple water outlets, 110 v […]

University Hill $USD 2,272,728.00

University Hill

$USD 2,272,728.00

University Hill, Black Rock, St. Michael 1.5 acres of land with highway frontage, this land is ideal for any type of commercial activity as it is located near to many Banks, amenities, many hotels and only a few minutes to Bridgetown. Great commercial potential!Price: $5.25 million o.n.o

Searles Commercial $USD 378,788.00

Searles Commercial

$USD 378,788.00

Ideal location for Light industrial operations. This lot is just over one acre,is relatively flat and square in shape.The lotis surrounded by other Commercial Properties. Great location – Invest today! BDS$750,000.00


$USD 50,578.00
$USD 55,952.00
$USD 107,223.00
$USD 65,645.14
$USD 102,203.00
$USD 106,154.00
, $USD 75,795.50
$USD 61,617.00
$USD 65,657.00

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