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Ashton Clinic $USD 1,148,990.00

Ashton Clinic

$USD 1,148,990.00

Ashton Clinic is located on Strathclyde Drive with high visibility. This property is unique in that it’s two parcels of land with two commercial offices that are being sold together and can later be sold separately if the future owner desires. The property was refurbished in 2005 andthere have been ongoing renovations and maintenance by […]

8839 sq ft
8839 sq ft

Yorkshire House $USD 401,516.00

Yorkshire House

$USD 401,516.00

This fully renovated office building in Strathclyde, St. Michael features a reception area, four private offices, an open plan area, kitchen and a Ladies and Gents’ bathroom. The main office has a private bathroom and shower. There is a storage shed on premises for archives. The property benefits from seven (7) parking spaces (2 are […]

1860 sq ft
1860 sq ft

Peach and Quiet Hotel $USD 3,282,829.00

Peach and Quiet Hotel

$USD 3,282,829.00

Peach and Quiet is a small ocean fronted property spread over 3.18 acres of land on the Southern tip of Barbados. This hotel consists of 22 rooms each containing a bathroom, fan cooled bedroom with a king size bed, two doubles or double bed and a lounge area. There is also a restaurant, swimming pool […]

12256 sq ft 20 beds
12256 sq ft 20 beds

Maple Meadows, Bottom Drive $USD 656,565.00

Maple Meadows, Bottom Drive

$USD 656,565.00

Maple Meadows is situated in a well established and peaceful neighbourhood. This large property consists of 13 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, large kitchen with decoran countertops, very spacious living and dining room and TV room. The laundry is in a seperate building at the back. The property has a pool that can be uncovered and […]

5123.6 sq ft 13 beds 10 baths
5123.6 sq ft 13 beds 10 baths

Warrens Commercial $USD 1,010,102.00

Warrens Commercial

$USD 1,010,102.00

Situated in close proximity to the busy Warrens Commercial hub this brand new prime warehouse building features two floors each at 4000 sq.ft. with 5 offices on the first floor where 2 of them are en suite. The first floor also includes 2 additional bathrooms a very spacious kitchen with plenty of cupboards and access […]

8000 sq ft
8000 sq ft



$USD 60,354.00
$USD 357,464.00
$USD 50,578.00
$USD 55,952.00
$USD 107,223.00
$USD 47,343.00
$USD 65,645.14
$USD 102,203.00
$USD 106,154.00
$USD 70,511.00
$USD 328,283.00
$USD 61,617.00
$USD 65,657.00

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